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Department of Technical Textiles

The department of Technical Textiles represents the interests of the German producers of Technical Textiles made from yarns, fabrics, knitted fabrics, narrow textiles, nonwovens and coated textiles.

  • Workshop public procurement
    The workshop examines among other things the technical delivery conditions developed by public authorities
  • Workshop “safety vest”
    This workshop is an open workshop in which participate in addition to the concerned textile companies among others the DVR (German council of traffic security), representatives of the staff organisations, the labour inspectorate, legal insurance companies, ACE, TÜV, DEKRA, textile research institutes, universities, customs, standardisation representatives and the Swiss automobile club in order to improve the safety of such vests.
  • FACHTEX-workshop “Technical Textiles”
    The FACHTEX-workshop “Technical Textiles” hosts twice a year in collaboration with the Research Council of Textile (FKT) professional meetings which discuss research results, lectures of entrepreneurs and environmental topics.
  • ETT-Club
  • Suppliers Guide Technical Textiles